Tackle the driving force behind every decision you've ever made. Once and for all!

You desire lasting and permanent change. You want clarity and confidence in your ability to achieve your purpose. You want to know your worth, love your story, believe in yourself and accomplish goals. 


If you have..

  • been devouring personal development content and feel stuck
  • a strong feeling you are meant for more
  • a desire to feel confident about who you are, where you're at and what you contribute to the world
  • decided to let change be easy by accepting help 
  • grown tired of getting the same results year after year
  • found yourself attracted to this page and you feel good here

Then this program is for you!

If you know you are ready to take action, don't hesitate, book a free strategy session now!

I'm Ready to Change!!

This breakthrough program creates unshakable confidence in your ability to do anything your heart desires and the results you've always wanted. 

 You have done enough self help work to know the first and most important ingredient in any project is YOU. You are done messing around.You are ready to put yourself first. You are putting your mindset at the top of the priority list. You are ready to  up-level your inner software. You have important goals to accomplish. It's time to remove all limiting beliefs that would slow you down. 

What would it feel like to...

  • Never doubt your worth because you understand anything less is a result of the lies you've been programmed to believe. 
  • Habitually assume you are capable of reaching any goal you desire because you know without a doubt that your desires are your destiny. 
  • Relax and allow everything to work out for you because you know forcing your results makes success take longer. 
  • Watch your children experience life without learning your limiting beliefs because they witnessed you letting go right in front of them.
  • Live in a world full of hope, purpose, laughter, love, ease, abundance and joy because you know how to be the creator of everything you want to see in the world. 
  • Know you are enough because everything you'll ever need is already inside of you. It always has been!
  • Be surrounded by people experiencing personal transformation just like you


Without Being Stopped by... 


Do you always find time to add fuel to your car or do you let it run dry and do the rest of your errands on foot? It takes a minimal amount of time to optimize how your life is running. Slightly longer than filling up with petrol. Not taking this time will save you a few minutes a day but your car won't run.

Would that make your life easier? The more you have on your plate, the more important it is to put fuel in your tank every morning.

This work is not another thing on your plate, this work makes your plate bigger.

Not having time is an excuse to keep your life chaotic.   

Fear of failure

Failure is one of the main criteria for admission into this program. If you haven’t failed at anything in life yet, you likely aren’t ready for coaching. You have to know what it feels like to have something not working out for you. Failure motivates us to consider the possibility that we don’t know what we are doing.

In this program you will learn to experience failure differently. If you are afraid of failure you have been programmed to receive disappointment in a non productive way. Ask yourself, “If I wasn’t afraid of failing I would…?” The answer is, “Do the things I really want to do”.

It’s your life, if you want to live it, recognize your fear of failure is why you need to do this program and book an interview.

Putting Others First

Your kids need you, your boss needs you, your clients need you, your pet needs you. Your parents, friends, neighbours, they all need you. You are not wrong. People need each other.

Your ability to help and be there for others is a beautiful thing. Maybe you need to set boundaries, maybe you love the help you are able to give. It doesn’t matter, you are still first. To be useful, you have to put yourself first or you will become the car without fuel…not helpful to anyone.

Not later. Now. The people who need you, need you to do this for yourself. 

Believing you will never change

If you carry a fear that you can never change, you will benefit from this program more than most. Being convinced that you can't change is a guaranteed lie that you have been programmed to believe.

Change is inevitable. Think of trying to stop a child's body from changing into an adult form. It's not possible and neither is you remaining the same year after year. You will change in the next 4 months regardless of what you believe.

Do you want to be in control of what you change into or do you want to keep believing lies about your ability? 

Not knowing what you want.

When someone tells me they don't know what they want, what I hear is they don't know how to listen to themselves without suppressing their desires. 

You (the conscious part of you) might not be aware of what you want. That may be true, but your body knows, your intuition knows, your soul knows and it's been waiting for you to learn how to listen. 

The more fierce your conviction in believing you don't know what you want, the more this program will benefit you. 

A purpose isn't something some people have and some people don't have, If you have a heart beat, you have a purpose and it's been trying to get your attention your whole life. 

Why studying alone will only get you so far. 

  • You have subconscious thoughts controlling your level of progress. 
  • Your subconscious thoughts are not in your conscious awareness, you can't see them.
  • When you work alone on making changes you are vulnerable to the unseen forces of your subconscious mind. This leads to repeated failures, frustration and wanting to give up. 
  • Allowing change to be easy starts with accepting help from someone who has overcome the barrier of being trapped in her own way of solving problems. 
  • "We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them." Albert Einstein 
  • No matter what you study or how many solutions you read about, unless you are aware of your subconscious programming all the information you consume will be filtered through the thinking pattern you used to create your current problems.
  • People can change on their own but it takes longer and a lot more trial and error.
  • Hiring a coach is for people who won't settle for less in this life. They are ready to accept help letting life be what it's meant to be. 
i'm ready to let change be EASY!

What students of UYBS have to say.....

Colleen L

 Every morning I decide to feel good for the day. For sure the outside world is telling me I should be feeling differently but I no longer leave my happiness to chance - it is paramount.

Through UYBS I have learned that changing my inside world drastically changes my outside world with very little to no effort. Previously, changing “bad” habits was a struggle, now I can see they just no longer align with my true self and I have lost the desire to bite my fingernails, binge eat or whatever doesn’t serve me.

Melanie L.

I have been in other groups and found they were not very helpful. Jodie is great as she is involved just as much as her clients and helps us to understand the material in a way that makes sense. You can have one on one that are super helpful if you need that extra push. You can hear the passion she has in what she does. She makes it fun at the same time. Trust me you will want her as your coach.

Darcy M.

Unleash Your Best Self: is an exhilarating journey of self discovery and empowerment.

Jodie Thalheimer delivers with exciting discoveries of our human psyche, and our connection to the collective consciousness.

As the lessons continue to assimilate in my life this course has become invaluable.

I am so glad I took the leap with UYBS, the landing has given me wings.

You've got to be tired of being your own worst enemy. 


No, really. I mean it. If we are going to work together you have to be sick and tired of doing life the hard way. You have to believe there is a better way. You don't have to have the answers but you have to want to believe you deserve to be happy, healthy and free. I know, there is a difference between believing in yourself and wanting to believe in yourself. To be clear, WANTING to believe in yourself is good enough.

If you WANT it, I CAN help you.  

It's best if you've tried changing or reaching new goals enough times that you're starting to doubt it can be done. I find clients most successful when they have been around the track of feeling inspired, determined to succeed, sure it's going to be different and then back to the starting line a few months later. You need to have failed enough times you've proven to yourself your way isn't working. The more failed attempts the better. 

Something in your life has to be OFF. You might want to make more money or have better relationships. Maybe you want to feel happier or figure out what you want to do with your life. Maybe you're seeking better health.

This program solves all those problems and more.

The point is, it's important that you have tried to solve it yourself and you still have the problem. 

You need to be ready to admit defeat.

The sooner you surrender your attachment to being right about the way things have been for you, the sooner we can start to become deliberately selective in shaping how you want your future to look. 

Your problem isn't the problem. Your thinking is.

You can not see your own subconscious thinking and you can not read a book about the unique programming inside yourself.

If you want to change your results, YOU are the subject that needs to be studied. I help you see and change the habits that are keeping you stuck. 

Who am I and what gives me any authority on this ?

My name is Jodie. I started my career as a registered nurse. Like many young adults, when it was time to choose a career, I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do, so I followed logic. Nurses were in high demand, the pay was decent and I had great marks in all the sciences. I sailed through post secondary and straight into a mortgage, three kids and a mini van. In every way, my life was exactly what I grew up knowing. Just enough money to live month to month with a job I didn't love and a family I didn't remember deciding to have. I felt like it all just happened to me, like I was on autopilot. 


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What does the Unleash Your Best Self Program include?


Daily Guided Study & Meditation

You already know how to feel good, trust your self, be your own loyal allie. You were born knowing how to have exactly the life you personally desired. Unfortunately, as you grew you were taught to doubt yourself and look to others for answers. Of course, there is great wisdom in the world and many people have many great ideas. The wisdom you seek however lies within you. I will help you change the habit of looking for answers to listening to your own innate wisdom.  

Daily Live Lessons and access to replay

A systematic approach to changing the thought patterns that control your results. 

Personal Service from your coach. 

Unlike any other coaching service, this program includes very intimate involvement from your mindset coach. Jodie shows up to study with the group, to observe and listen for paradigms and limiting beliefs. Not the ones you already know you have but the deeper, insidious patterns of thought that are so integrated into the fabric of your being you'd think they are part of you. This work is not easily done alone but it disguises itself as something you should be able to do on your own. Having your coach available to witness your patterns and to maneuver ideas around filters you didn't know you had, makes this program priceless.  


As you practice turning inward for answers you will become aware of your connection to a wisdom far beyond your own. You are part of a collective consciousness and you are always receiving guidance. Studying yourself with others who hold the same intention of elevating their awareness of this infinitely powerful force is critical to the process.    

Here's what to expect.

We meet as a group M-Fri for 8 weeks.

(Regular attendance to the daily zoom meeting or the replay is mandatory for success.) 

It's the small things repeated everyday that make change appear effortless.

While you are having fun showing up and enjoying the immediate benefits of starting your day on a positive note, I provide reading material purposefully selected to infuse a deep level of awareness into how you are designed to exist. 

Your job is to relax and have fun loving your life more and more while nature puts everything into place just for you. It's brilliant in it's simplicity. 

Each day Jodie listens to clients share what they heard in the daily reading. This is where deep beliefs are revealed.

In addition to the morning study, you will have access to written lessons and unlimited access to the recorded live sessions.

Through the framework of the daily readings plus the weekly lessons Jodie will help you effortlessly release habitual ways you have been using the law of attraction against yourself. 

Clientscan book a 1:1 session anytime they are feeling the need for extra support.

If it isn't fun, book a 1:1! It takes time, consistency and repetition of content for;

  • thinking patterns to emerge,¬†
  • to grow the trust needed to let go and
  • to replace old habits with new.¬†

But it happens.

It always happens and when it does…..

It’s profoundly liberating.

The growth is a unique and lasting experience.

We all change. Together as a group and individually.

We change, you change and lives change. 

Are you ready to change...

Follow your intuition, take action now 

Let's Do This!
(Program admission is by interview and invitation only.)

UYBS Unleashes Exactly What You Need To Live Your Best Life


Real Confidence - the kind you were born with

Do you know you can’t fail when it comes to what your heart wants? Real confidence is gained from knowing you have an inner guidance system. It’s unique to you and it’s connected to all the wisdoms of the universe. Once you get your personal ideas out of the way and allow universal intelligence to guide you, you’ll understand, confidence isn’t earned, it’s in you. I’ll teach you to feel it and own it. 

I want real confidence!

Decision Making - without self doubt

Make decisions based on your own inner guidance system. The feeling of not knowing what to do, or how to make a decision that pleases everyone will never bother you again. You will know what to do and how to do it by learning how to listen and receive answers. 

I want to make decisions easily and quickly!

Persistence - The kind that counts

Persistence is a unique mental strength. It takes nothing more than consistent daily practice to gain this quality that is common to every person who has ever accomplished anything beyond their effortless existence. Persistence is the single most important skill to develop if you desire a life of ease, happiness and everything you’ve ever wanted. This is why we show up daily and why I show up with you. Your mental strength is already working to persistently recreate the life you are living. You are persistent already, we need to turn your focus on to what you want, instead of what you are currently getting. 

I want to develop the right kind of persistence!

Serenity - a bad ass kind of calm

Imagine staying calm in any situation. Imagine the power behind being able to make clear decisions, guided by your inner knowing instead of the storms of emotion that overpower your wisdom. 

Serenity is a natural outgrowth of living in the proper order. You are first. Once you develop the habit of putting your heart in front of everything else, you will become calm, always. You will be whatever you want to be regardless of circumstances. There is nothing more powerful than serenity. 

I want to be so calm nothing ruffles me!

100% Responsibility - the liberating kind

Literally nothing positive comes from the misuse of responsibility. No one benefits from giving away or taking on someone else’s responsibilities. You can’t help others by letting them take responsibility for you or by taking their responsibility for them either. That might sound logical but if you are struggling in any way at all, it’s because you are misusing responsibility. 

You will learn to identify where this is happening in your life, how to stop doing it and how to eloquently deal with the fall out from friends and family who are used to having you carry their responsibilities. Imagine being thanked for allowing others to live their own lives! 

I want to live my life my way!

Stop putting your well-being into the cracks of your life.

Make 2024 the year you hired a coach and focused on upgrading YOU!

Unleash Your Best Self


This is a complete coaching program with 1:1 support, daily group sessions, weekly recorded lessons for you to watch again and again, homework tasks, journalling, meditation...everything you need to effortlessly make the REST OF YOUR LIFE, THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE!

What's Included

1:1 Coaching Of Your Mindset  - Your going to bring your own special way of resisting your natural state of being your best. I'll pull you aside and help you let go.

Unlimited sessions as needed (Value $2400) 

Daily Group Coaching

Consistent study witnessed by Jodie with customized feedback designed to facilitate integration of concepts beyond subconscious paradigms. (Value $6400)

Videos, Lessons & Homework

12 lessons with weekly tasks to ensure personalized advancement of each client. (Value $600)

Off the Paper, Into Your Life

Weekly Q & A with homework review in group setting for enhanced collective learning, accountability and community building. (Value $1400)


Daily Task Routine

Enter a sacred space for reading foundational concepts, enjoying group meditation and journalling practice 6 days a week (Value $600) 

Community of Like Minded People

Change is not common. Most people try to level out and wait for retirement. Levelling up your mindset is exponentially easier when you are surrounded by people who are working on the same thing. Enjoy the support and camaraderie of your personal UYBS group. 

(Value $600)

Real Confidence/ 100% Responsibility for Yourself/ Calmness of mind/ Decision making skills

Knowing you are literally made to live out your dreams and understanding exactly how to let that happen with less effort and more fun is so transformative it affects you and everyone around you. The benefits of this are impossible to monetize.  (Value: Priceless)

Being in complete and effortless control of having abundance in everything you want

Effortlessly assuming everything is always happening for you (Value: Priceless)


Frequently Asked Questions ...


Okay, if you are still wondering if this is for you...really you know deep down that...

Nothing will change until you make changes

This program is the pattern disruption you need...

To break the habits that have been holding you back from the life you instinctively know is yours,

To get the win you've been wanting, 

To gain the confidence to know deep down that, "YOU ARE ENOUGH!",

To bring the clarity you are craving, 

To know once and for all what you want and how to achieve your best life.

Are You Ready To Believe In Your Ability To Be Who You Want To Be?

Are you still reading?

Want to hear more about what goes on in UYBS?


During the daily sessions you will learn to own the kick ass skills you've always had.

Confidence, decision making, serenity, persistence and responsibility are yours because you are alive. These aren't qualities that some people have and some people don't.

Some people can't see or feel their greatest assets because they are hidden behind limiting belief or lies that they think are true. 

By witnessing and listening to you try to convince me of your limits I will make the invisible barriers visible and provide a safe place for you to practice thinking of your future without old patterned thoughts getting in the way.

Sounds easy enough right?

Of course it isn't or everyone would be ditching their own limiting beliefs. The truth is (and I explain this in detail as it happens to each of us in group) letting go of the lies we believe about ourselves is pretty messy work. At best it feels awkward af to start acting like the superhero you actually are and at worst it brings up a whole onslaught of deeper fears and demons that were being held back by holding yourself back. 

I can handle the swings, the tears, the fears, the terror and the absolute conviction some clients bring to me trying to convince me that they are not enough. 

They are. You all are. 

And when you are ready to believe that, you are ready to be my client.

Your natural qualities will be unleashed. 

Now quit talking yourself out of it and book a strategy session. You are worthy. Do it!


Unleash Your Best Self